Do you own an iPad? Are you getting annoyed because it is asking for its password again and again? You may be facing this issue due to an interruption in an app’s download or update process. Since the app was not completely installed, this issue may pop up. Read on to find about the ways to fix this issue.

Troubleshooting an iPad that keeps asking for its password

Restart the iPad

Firstly, the step that should be taken by you is restarting your iPad. It can fix your above-mentioned issue as well as clean the clutter.

  1. It makes the device work more smoothly.

You need to reboot the iPad by doing a long press on the Sleep/Wake button for some time. It will be placed at the top. It requires you to switch it off and then, again you need to do a long press on the same switch for completing the reboot of your device.

Go to ‘Waiting’ applications

If you are facing the same issue then, your device may again ask you to sign in immediately after you enter the home screen.

  1. To solve this issue, you need to go through each of the pages and check the folders for the application with the word ‘Waiting’ under it.
  2. Find the application that is not completely installed or updated.
  3. After you get an application that got stuck in the mid of the installation, you shall be easily able to sign into iTunes when you get prompted.
  4. Now, just resume the installation process and your issue shall get fixed.

Remember! You shall sign into iTunes even if you do not get any application frozen on an installation. This may solve out generally every issue.

Hope you realized it is an application worth having in your device.

Prefer iBooks and Newsstand

  • You may have come across problems happening because of a magazine or a book instead of an application.
  • So preferring to use iBooks and Newsstand can quickly solve out your issue.
  • Note that if you see that any book/magazine is stuck in the download process, then you need to sign into iTunes. It may surely solve your issue.

Hope you have been able to fix the iPad that keeps asking for its password.

Raven Cross has been writng books and magazine for different book publishers and print media before shifting to digital media in 2007. He writes about Internet, latest changes in Antivirus softwares such as, Artificial Intelligence and robotics on his different blogs.

Source : How To Fix Your iPad That Keeps Asking For Password?

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