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How to Capture Five Bounties (Dead or Alive) in Red Dead Online

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Finding these criminal conspirators is going to be the first step to take down these targets. After which the tricks that will lore them to you are going to be tricky. It will be easy if you know what to do in the first place. So here, you are going to know the location and tricks to capture the bounty targets.

Rockstar Games has released the game named Red Dead Online which is an online action-adventure game for the multiplayer gaming platform. If you have decided to maintain the law in the city, you have to take down the criminal groups on the wild west side in the game. You have to know about this area and the worst criminals in this Zone. These targets were introduced in a weekly manner. This way, creators of the game made sure that there are new targets in the game, which made gamers on their toes. Every group and criminal received a back story with the cinematic explanation. The bounty poster mentioned that these characters could be dead or alive.

In this version, you can randomly choose the target, but in the past version, you have to capture them in a systematic and predefined order. Never forget that every time you go through replay, the level of difficulty will be going to increase. So capturing the same character is just a waste of time.

Starting the Path of Bounty Hunter

If you lost the chance to start the path from Frontiers Pursuits, then you can do that by reaching out to the sheriff of Rhodes. Then you will be able to gain the License of Bounty Hunter. If you have attached your Rockstar Social Club or twitch Prime account, you don’t have to pay anything; otherwise, you will be needing the 15 Gold Bars. After this, you can go to the bounty board, where you can see the details of the targets. Select the one you want to capture and start the mission.

  1. Philip Carlier

The hunch is going to start from finding him in his camp, located in the swamps. Here you are going to be drugged. You will face a trippy hallucination, where a wild man is charging you repeatedly. Please don’t use your gun because it is an illusion. After getting back to reality, you have to find the Lagras Swamp, where the real Philip is. There you have to see a number of guards and other foes. Don’t engage with them; sneak past them.

You will find him by the campfire over east of that swamp. As you go near him, he will start running. So run faster to capture him. Once you capture him, load him on the horse and start heading toward the Saint-Denis Sheriff’s officer.

  • The Wolf Man

He hides on the west side of the Lake Isabella in Ambarino. There you have to search for the three locations. You will find a lot of wolves, so be aware. Keep heading the North-West corner of Isabella, to the camp of the Wolf Man.

After reaching there, he will start running and shouting regarding the bear, which should be taken care of before going forward to capture the wolfman (otherwise, there is much chance the bear will expeditiously kill you and the target). After killing the bear, you will notice that the shouting of wolfman will affect nothing. To capture him and put him on the horse and head out (where you will face more wolves) to spider Gorge in the north-east to drop him and collecting the bounty.

  • Cecil C. Tucker

He hides in the Fort Brennand. It is the trading port for the west side of Van Horn. It is guarded by enemies and supported by explosives in the fort (use your gun from distance to make them blow up). So cross them with care.

You will find him in a confined camping area on the east side of the Brennand Fort, practicing with a lot of helpers if you have decided that you want him alive then careful while you target. Once the path is clear, take him under control. After which you can head to the sheriff to deliver him and get the bounty.

  • Yukon Nik

Mission will start when you head to Fort Riggs camp of Yukon Nik. You have to fight with Borodin’s Gang, to reach the middle arena, where you will find Marshall as his hostage. There are many caged bears, and you have the option to free them or avoid facing the angry bear.

After you reach near to shack, he will confront you to solve the puzzle of the dead eye to take him and save hostage after that the group of enemies attacks you. Here you have to use the shack as cover while facing those enemies. Then take him on the horse and head toward Strawberry’s sheriff to collect the bounty money in exchange for him.

  • Barbarella Alcazar

You will find yourself heading Gaptooth Breach, filled with gang members. So you have to choose between sneaking your way or start the gun game. Then head towards the main building, where she is upstairs. Go upstairs and go to the rooftop where you have to choose the window to make an entry into the room (to avoid the gate securing system.

Then take her to the Tumbleweed, here, you can leave her and pick up your bounty.

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